The Dragon Group

Sydney’s leading labour-hire firm: #17 in BRW Fast Starters

They Said

“With Pineapple now running our digital marketing, it’s like the lights have been switched on.” ~ Matt Jones, Managing Director


The Dragon Group take an industry-leading approach to their marketing, that’s not seen with their competitors. We helped them develop a communications plan that addressed physical and digital assets, different target markets, and managed it’s execution to create a brand that won contracts with ASX500 companies.

The Project

Oversaw The Dragon Group roaring into the BRW Faster starters and straight into #22 in 2017 and improving four positions to #18 in 2018.
Built the MD’s personal brand leading to a level of exposure they never dreamed of.
Managing corporate social responsibility and successfully developed new recruitment methods through automated lead flows, social media, and website optimisation.

We Delivered

In 2017, 61.3% revenue growth and in 2018, 27.3% revenue growth

  • Developed, created, executed the brand marketing strategy
  • Content creation increasing organic reach (no media spend) from under 1,000 to >10,000 per week, in under 18-months
  • Working with the sales team to meet their objectives of bringing in ASX500 companies to the business
  • Management of website, blogs, events, activations, Facebook Instagram, and LinkedIn.